Sunday, May 07, 2006

Support Open Source ... Get Legal

As part of my advocacy in open source I decided to post this logo here in my blog. Actually my interest in opensource start way back 2003 when I met some online friend that also hook up in this thing but my eye opener was when I attend this seminar.

Get legal. Get

This is one of my dream, to implement open source in our environment, unfortunately some users are blinded that Microsoft are the sole software vendor that gives you the best software that you can use. Well maybe I have to make them change their perpective on Microsoft before I proceed, or maybe just talk to the management and tell them that if we cant afford to buy more license software better to start our users to use this or else Bill Gate will audit us... hahahah bluff!!!.....

Anyway if there is a need there is a way, but if management would consider this proposal to use opensource maybe users even if they dont want to, may compell to their orders to study this great software.

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