Friday, September 16, 2005

Microsoft as a major sponsor in 1st LinuxWorld Philippines Confence and Expo

I know this is funny but, did you know that in this conference one of the major sponsor is MICROSOFT, yeah one of the mortal enemy of open source community. But I realized that Microsoft now recognized that they should make their software aware to open source application available in the market or in the IT community. So we are talking about here is interoperability between Windows and Unix/Linux environment. And its important that they do that since those who are into windows are also interested in implementing and want to deploy Linux based systema/application which is actually you can obtain in the internet for FREE... hows that.

Ok, one of the topic discuss in this conference is about the new service that MS will launch (I think this i already available in MS Win 2003 Server). The Services for Unix (SFU 3.5), this service will allow MS Windows to see/access what is available in Unix network attached to your LAN, great huh...

Well for me its great news, well we have to admit that Windows still dominate the business sector in their software implementation but since there is a rapid growth in shifting from proprietary software to opensource, still windows will be there for the meantime.

And did you know that in the Microsoft booth, to secure that some system admin (well most of them are MEN) still remember or catch a glimpse on them, they hire pretty models (a certain Martha Daniels is there- im not sure if she's an actress) that will catch their attention (yeah coz i dont think those girls are from Microsoft Philippines). Yeah, even those who are into opensource like from Phil. Linux User Group (PLUG) try to take picture with some models, and they jokingly utterred "Ohhh tukso layuan mo kami!!"

Hahahaha,.... what an event, Microsoft and Red Hat as one of the major sponsor in this Opensource conference, you heard it right Microsoft in the midst of opensource advocate. If its not for the pretty girls in their booth maybe someone will "booh" them. This reminds me of another event wherein AMD wins an award for their processors and guess what? Intel also as major sponsor present their award (click here for details).


  1. Hey, nice article.

    Microsoft talking about "interoperability" is just their way of adjusting to the trends. Linux and F/OSS have been interoperable from day one. :)

  2. Emacs can be used for anything! :D
    I use it as chat client, media player, etc =D

    Emacs is lurve... <3

    By the way, I was there in LinuxWorld too! I wish I met you there =)