Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Fedora 4 runs in VPC, success...

Well... although Im not super techy in linux, I already tried last year to install RH8 in our HP ML370 server which runs Samba and and Squid, work perfeclty, but not super strict in access... since i just want to try it out. Now I try Fedora 4 on my Win2k PC running Virtual PC 2004 (which i got my eval copy last Linux World Conf - tnx to MS)

And this is my first blog using Linux machine.... runs in VPC and get its internet access on our LAN, hows that.... I know that I have more to do specially Samba and Squid. But I also want to try Apache/PHP/MySql. Im just worried since VPC will only runs in 45days, with so much config to be done, I dunno if i cant do it within the period.

Anyway, I need some reading and searching to do this coming weeks......Time to get some old PC that I can use to play this monster....

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