Thursday, September 29, 2005

Screenshot of my Fedora 4 in VPC and Win

I try to capture this screenshot of my Fedora desktop that runs on top of VPC (this means the Fedora itself). Notice that whole screen environment is purely linux. For my windows screenshots see below --windows apps and VPC (wherein it runs Fedora virtually -- its fun you know...) My only complain is this Fedora runs in VPC thing is much slower than what i expect, maybe because of my hardware (512Ram (200 alot to VPC), P4 2.0Ghz)

***This window screenshot was captured in my Win2000 PC using MSPaint.

***this image was captured using gThumb in Fedora 4.

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  1. well, any VM program running a secondary OS under it will slow down (quite a lot).

    la lang. just wanted to post.