Monday, October 03, 2005

Toilet Restaurant

I found this in Smatparenting Mailing List. Actually it doesnt impress me or interes me but it sounds 'new'.

The Toilet Restaurant

Make sure to visit this dining adventure on your next trip to Taiwan. Here is the review from Taiwan Fun Magazine.

The name of this restaurant is "Toilet Bowl". They use toilet bowls as containers for their delicious cuisine. There are two toilet bowl special meals. One is Oyster Sauce Pork Loin and the other is Curry Chicken (Both $90 NT). The toilet bowl containers for dishes are made by a ceramic company in Ying-Ke. The shape is as same as the one you need to squat in the public restroom, the only different is the size which is smaller. They also serve slush ice with toilet bow containers. There are two sizes, number one (small) and number two (large). Number two toilet ice is served with fresh fruits and frozen yogurt, priced at $150 NT. The size is big as regular toilet bowl, and designed to be shared by three or four people. Number one toilet ice has two different flavors. One is mixed beans and the other is fresh fruits, priced at $90 NT (eat-in) and $65 NT (to-go). The western style toilet bowls are used as coffee cups, called Toilet Bowl Coffee. The cup can be purchased as a souvenir or a gift. - by Chia-Hsun Lin, Translated by Kate Kuo

Toilet Bowl
Taipei Metro, Hsinpu Station, Exit 1
(02) 8253-7767

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