Wednesday, January 18, 2006

MCP still online

This past few weeks Frank Wolf announce that will be online until Jan 20, I think this is due to financial and other issues arises in handling and administering a very huge website, we all know that MCP is also the most popular and most visited site not only in the Philippines but in Asia, it surpasses some telco and broadcasting company here in the Philippines.

Now it is decided by some concerned members that MCP will be re-launch, for the meantime they tried to transfer 20Gb files (very huge indeed) to Yuga hosting company. Well, just a trivia, I  first known Yuga as blogger, and learned that he has a web hosting company where  MCP will be its new home. To those who notice that MCP site is now  bit faster, I think because the hosting is in the Philippines so resolving domain name and searching its server is faster since majority of the members are here in the Philippines.

Anyway, for me its just a relief to have Yuga as admin in MCP site, because for me he has a credential to run the site.  Internet blogger knows about Yuga and most of his blog are about internet and technology try to visit he also a contributor to that site Im sure he also acquainted to Clair Ching who also a certified blog addict..

For now we have to wait to finish the transfer of file, and hopefully MCP and its community will help this site not necessarily in contributing financially but also for being a good and responsible user. As fas as I know most successful website start having a free service like MCP I hope it still free even if it cost too much to maintain.

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