Monday, January 23, 2006

Proud Mama to Bembem

Alyssa Otero: First Place on General Knowledge Quiz

This is my Mom breaking news just after lunch today, actually my daughter request me to accompany her on school because she will be competing to the other kinder students in their school, she was assign to compete under General Knowledge topic. Unfortunately I have to miss this and I request my mother to be there in school and according to her the quiz was held inside a room so all guardians/fetchers should have to wait outside.  

Prior to this I post some urgent needed help about this to the ever reliant smartparenting mailing list because I don’t have any idea what topic do I have to review with my daughter. Even last Sunday we didn’t have an actual review after Teacher Maricel drop us a call just to remind us the time they require us to be there.

But here it is and my daughter called me I my office and told me she won!!!!  And she remind me to bring ‘pasalubong’, Dunkin Donut actually.

I’m not a typical full time mom that always have time to teach my child everyday, that’s why I’m very thankful that even thought I’m not 100% dedicated in my child, she’s more than an average kid in her school. And also my mom helps us  lot in teaching her only ‘apo’, I feel her excitement when my daughter participate in this kind of activity.  

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