Monday, January 16, 2006

Computerized Bus Ticketing

I don’t know if how many bus operators have this kind of mobile application, but my fathers says that the bus from Calamba bound to Cubao/Kamias issued him a ticket from a computer device with thermal paper for printing a bus tickets. This excites me because as far as I know mobile application are booming in some industry like pharmaceutical, freight forwarders and some insurance company.  

But is this worth for the bus operator to invest in this kind of technology? Well I might say it is, but I’m not sure if BIR aware of this application unlike POS system that should be registered to BIR since it issues official receipts. For the passengers benefit the ticket have the following information:

  • Bus Company

  • Drivers name

  • Conductors name

  • Bus Plate#/Body #

  • Time the tickets was printed

  • Amount of ticket

  • Destination

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