Wednesday, January 11, 2006 online till Jan 20

This morning I decided to visit , this is because the past few weeks I seldom visit their forum. But SHOCK of the day says, Motorcycle Philippines will Close on January 20th 2006. I ask myself why! And then I read the announcement of Frank and then I learned that MCP gone a long way from 6 yrs of hard work and unselfish cause for the bikers community here in the Philippines, wherein one of their major battle is to lift the freeway motorcycle ban in both SLEX and NLEX. They even noticed and invited by PGMA to Malacanang, and I remember hubby file a leave in their office just to participate in this cause.

I don't know the reason behind the trouble involving MCP and other same motorcycle oriented site but what I know is this is the same story of what other site owners are facing with regards to neck to neck competition. I also read some post from those sites but I'm not in the position to judge them or to question them what have they done. But one definite situation is emerging here... competition or maybe crab mentality. For me competition is healthy if play it fair and the other one well. this is pure Filipino traits, I might say anyone stumbled to a person with this mentality tend to lose.

This announcement were surely shock most of MCP's loyal members specially those motorcycle clubs that are basically born in that forum like Honda Riders Club of the Philippines. For now I'm thinking of a compiling some pictures from my hubby's rides, most of them in my picture trail already. I guess I'll post another blog entry for this. For now I cross my finger that even if Frank give up MCP, I still hope some people behind MCP should also pave their way not to let the bikers community down. Calling Mr. Dayrit and Mr. Jojo Medina, the community
needs you sir.. I hope MCP be still online.

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