Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Toxic Monday

Did you ever feel the kind of anger that makes you chill uncontrollable (parang nanginginig ka sa galit)?

That you cannot fight easily even if you shed tears or unload your emotional burden inside by ranting?

It is not that you are angry with the person, just the situation that some professionl/personal relationship are end up just by harsh words that are already said.

Haaaayyyyyy!!!! Too bad our (yesterday) Monday morning ends up very distressed.

Makes me feel sick early in the morning.. but I’m still positive that you can still be civil to each other if not friends anymore. Maybe its also blessing in disguise, that after this that person will be just a person in our environment not a friend anymore that any favor it will ask may not matter anymore to us.

Lesson Learned: Don’t trust anyone but yourself

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