Monday, December 12, 2005


Last Friday was the last episode of Encantadia, where the last scene I watch is the baby that Caceopia was raise up by her hands, I had a hint that this is the last Sangre that she is talking about that will go back in time to Etheria, Encantadia’s golden Era.

And last night I watched Mel And Joey for Etherias official launching of its trailer. That’s the time I understand that the prequel Etheria will answer so many question like: Who’s the father of Pirena, that Caceopia and Mine-a are sisters in father side, that Hagorn and Raquim (Amihan’s father) are bestfriends and how they end up mortal enemy.

So many twist and love triangle in the story like the Queen of Etheria Avria was that first wife of Caceopias father where in she has a daughter named Mine-a.  Also I notice that there is also a story behind the two little creature Banak and Nakba, in Encantadia they are the Adamians and in Etheria they are two creatures similar to the Diwata.

Actually I cant wait to see the first episode, I hope it will air around 9pm so that I can catch up. Hayyy…. I’m so excited to watch this, I’m also very interested in the story.

I wish Rickey post an entry and screenshots to his blog about Etheria….


  1. does it mean Cassiopeia is a villain, since she "made" a sang'gre out of Lira's hair? Because I believe that she is fully aware of the consequences if the "last sang'gre" from a queen will be born; that is, the destruction of Encantadia.

  2. what i had in mind is, Lira's daughter Cassandra is the last sangre... maybe i am mixed up, and thats why m very eager to watch it tonight...

    what i know is Cassiopeia knew a lot, that she also planned to have Cassandra that maybe help 4 sangre's for a quest to Etheria...

    ohh my .. god i love kapuso for having this kind of show...