Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you know that I'm Reward Points Card Addict?

Yeah I am! I'm just practical and I don't hide it.Actually I'm flaunting it.

See this!!!!!!

These loyalty cards came from Laking National (bookstore),SM Advantage (Dept Store- I have 2 of them actually), Mercury Drug Suki Card (Drugtore)and The Wise Card (Supermarket).

My first loyalty card is Mercury Drug Suki Card with accumulated 500+ points (which is equivalent to Php peso) and was issued I think last 2003 and I never redeemed any points the first time I used it, and now I actually tempted to use it. In this card I earned points for every P200.00 purchase so if i do the math: 500pts x 200 = 100,000 worth of purchases was made by me!! Wow I didn't realize I spend that much on medicines and other health and beauty products.

The most used loyalty card is my SM Advantage card thats why I have 2 of them, one of them have my maiden name and married name the other. Same as the Suki Card I also earned pts for every P200 worth of purchase. Oh! I almost forgot I have to renew one of these card before end of July this year so I have to redeemed all of those points to prevent deletion of points due to expiration of the card.

The last 2 which is the Laking National and Shopwise card are recently acquired a few months I think. Maybe you are asking why do I bother having this card? Good question.

My answer : WHY NOT. If you are a regular buyer for a certain store or establishment you must enjoy their loyalty program by earning points and exchanged those points for gift checks or offset your points to your bill. Some store (ex. Shopwise) have a double your point program if you use their reusable bag (a canvass bag with their store logo) in participation to save the earth awareness due to global warming. Isn't it nice and practical as well? Earning points and helping mother earth to reduce mankind footprint in this precious earth at the same time.


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Now a days times are hard, so I think it is just practical that we avail of free benefits that is being offered to us. Hindi mo mapapansin naka accumulate ka na pala ng points na pwede mo ng pambili ng item. Ang sarap pag nakakatipid ka.

  2. yeah! actually i alrady claim 600 worth of GC in shopwise and almost 1000 in SM Advantage card.