Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Politics in Corporate World

This coming April will be my 10yrs in the company and during those years I make friends and earned so many experience than any one of my age. When I reach the age of 25 I already handle staff that includes much older than I am. Also being in middle management group opens my narrow mind and realize that those who are chosen to be in this position is not always a privilege because you are accountable and responsible not only by your work but with your staff you are handling. I encounter during the last few years how to handles people that are not at par base on my standard but those people are your friends and conflict arises because professional interest are at stake.

Also those years I gain in the company that opens my innocent and naive personality to what politics really means in a corporate world. When other people perceive you as threat or when they feel that you are not credible enough still you have to work hard and prove to them that you can and you will survive. There are some people that are malicious enough to make comments that sometimes hurt your feelings not knowing what have you done that they make your life miserable. Being kind is not what makes you survive you must learn from them while you are having a hard time but that is life. Junior staff are tend to say "YES sir " "YES mam" even you know that sometimes reasons are not the issues, its all about how things are done in their environment. And its all about what you know and how you understand the situation and their culture.

Corporate world sometimes gives a huge SHOCK to those new to the field like me that no experience at all. But I'm lucky enough because I don't experience making coffee to my boss or run errands for her personal needs. What I always encounter is those people that thinks they know it all but in reality they only know that they have to know, meaning they are not expanding their knowledge and some of them don't explore. But I think this is due to the fact that their supervisor don't empower them to do new things or make decisions. And because they are adapt to this they tend to stay in their comfort zone.

Being in the I.T. line of work I also encounter group of people that sometimes feared implementation of new technology or sometimes they tend to expect so much from us to the point that they expect we have to do it for them.

Anyway for those 10 years I'm in the company I learned to love my co employee and start to care for them as a friend and family. But what I realized being in this world, you must learn, learn and adopt yourself to any changes that will come. Besides changes are constant in business environment.

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  1. I agree fully on what you said about office politics. Hate it but we can never run from it. :(

  2. lovesent8:07 PM

    im a former employee of cathay drug..its just that i hate how mgmt handle their people, vry unprofessional, that's y i quit..