Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Fave Hunks during my Pregnancy to Jack Ryan

The following hunks are those who I admired during my pregnancy to my 2nd child Jack Ryan (aka Ren Ren). Wishing that Ren Ren will have some of their traits.

Oh my God!!!!, I really really like Jumong!!!!! specially this pictures when he still with So Seo No. :-< Unfortunately we dont have a chinese ancestor so I cant expect my RenRen to be like him... Hayyy....

Daniel Craig (James Bond - Casino Royale)
Being a James Bond actor brings million "pogi" points to him and his style is unique and very elegant. Not a classical James Bond in nature but it gives me chill and "kilig" while watching his movie. (He reminds me of my husband... heheheheh)

Gerard Butler (300)
Actually I'm not familiar with him until I saw his movie 300. What makes me like him is due to the fact that I read novels of Julie Garwoods when I was in my 1st trimester. All of the main characters there are similar to King Leonidas (Gerard Butler), actually the novels are all about Scotland history. Anyway click here to see my post about Julie Gardwoods novels.


  1. Hey congrats...didn't know you was pregnant..hmmm like last year? (judging from 300 and Casino Royale) :P

    His name is really cool. I like it. :)

  2. yeah long time no post in my blog due to my pregnancy and toxic sched in the office.

    FYI my first born Alyssa Otero's nick name is Bembem now my 2nd is RenRen.... talk about rhyming? heheheheh