Thursday, August 03, 2006

“The Secret” by Julie Garwood

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My first novel of Julie Garwood is “Prince Charming” and from then on I’m hooked on her novels including “Heartbreaker”. I recently finished reading “The Secret” and I discover that it is the sequel of “Ransom” that I already read few weeks before.

Judith the main the heroine was English and befriended to Frances Catherine who was from so called highland territory. They didn’t realize then that they mustn’t not be friendly to each but instead make a promise to each other that one day Frances will help Judith to find her father who is a Laird (or chieftain of a clan) who banished her.

The day came that Frances make her promise when she seek approval from the council to let Judith stay to Maitland holding in time for her birthing. With the interference of Patrick, Frances husband, and Iain the Laird of Maitland and Patrick’s older brother, they let an English to live with the clan worrying that Judith will interfere to their way of life. But instead Laird Iain fall in love with her the first day he meet her.

What I really like in the story is the rapport of the women when Isabelle gave birth by the help of an inexperience Judith. She acquired some knowledge about giving birth to a midwife the moment she learned that Frances was pregnant. Then on few more deliveries was assisted by her help. I also admire the courage and stubbornness of Judith many times in the story he defy Iain even before they are married but sometimes she tends to be submissive to what he order her to do.

It even me make sigh when Frances gave birth twin girls and let Patrick meet his new family in private. From the story they value the privacy of the new family wherein it is important for them that new parents share their joy alone with their new babies. I almost cry when Frances tells Judith to give her twins a friend and that it’s her turn to have a child in her own. At that point in the story Judith is having a dilemma about her being an outsider again due to the fact that the council knows that her father is a Laird of the other enemy clan and that also brings more conflict on her husband Iain being a Laird of Maitland.

As to my personal view, I’m very satisfied to this book. The one thing I notice is it seems to me that the heroine and hero in this book have the same characteristic to the main cast of “Ransom”. But I enjoyed it, I also recommend to all romantic novel reader to have a try to this book. After reading those books I can’t help but to love Julie Garwood’s work.

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