Thursday, August 03, 2006

XDA Training

I feel guilty these days for being lazy and for not updating my blog. But to give justice to what I haven’t done these past 2 months may I list here what activity I experience.

Last June 5, our company conducted the 1st Batch of Training XDA, and it is such a crowd and very demanding to organize such event and I personally see to it that every detail must be out into a checklist unless I forgot something or maybe we will encounter problems during the activities. Well, the training is all about how to use XDA (running Pocket PC) as their productivity tool and since not all of our Territory Manager (Med Reps) are computer techy person they are not familiar with the windows operation, the first half day focused on how to use the device and Windows Mobile operating system along with basic application tools like Word, Excel and PDF Viewer. The afternoon session was all about how to use the application that the company acquired from software vendor specializing to an application for pharmaceutical industry. We are also very proud for being the first Filipino pharmaceutical company that uses AMIE-ETMS from Medidata.

The AMIE-ETMS is an application designed for a PDA device that runs Microsoft Windows Mobile, this application would enable our TM’s to record all Doctor Calls during their visit to their respective MD’s, to track sample given and record the detailing activities and expenses. TM’s could also record their non-call activity like attending convention and servicing for some doctors. All recorded calls and activities are to be sync in to the backend via GPRS which is very effective and on time, we could even access their activity for the day in a web browser anytime to view actual date and time of calls and you could even see the actual signature of the doctor.

After the training our TM’s are ready to cover using the newly assigned and of course more inquiry and call for help in their end if there is a problem for both device and the system. And I’m thankful that we decided to outsource the service for data and technical support from the same vendor of the software.

For now I’m in charge in checking our TM’s performance, sometimes also help them in some minor problem and coordinate with the vendor for updated date to be uploaded. To date, I have already sent 3 XDA back to Brightpoint (Globe Service Center for XDA) for repairs and replacement of parts and accessories.

I remember I pos there how I admire XDA, but it seems to me that I still prefer a PDA/Cellphone that is easy to use like I’m using a cellphone. But hey since this gadget is also a PDA still you have to use stylus which is very uncomfortable to some user.

See below some pictures taken during the training using XDA of course.

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