Thursday, November 10, 2005

Linksys IP Phone

Do you have any relatives or friends abroad? There is Linksys Wireless-G IP phone WIP300 , a product that you can use to make a call anywhere in the world, via broadband connection, this means that you are not connected into your local telco and no telephone or cellphone bills, just use your broadband connection. Wow, if this is true I mean if this will happen in the near future does it mean that gap between different cultures will be bridged?

Recently I post about wireless phone using CDMA technology, although it is promising still they have to build more cell sites to cover more area to be able to convince the consumer to use their services, same thing with this wireless IP phone of Linksys, ISP’s (I think this is not yet available in the Phils.) should provide a wide coverage for wireless access. For me this IP Phone can exceed cellphone usage is this is affordable to anyone who wants to subscribe.

Hey how about security issue, since this connection would use internet or TCP/IP does it mean anyone who knows his stuff can hack or intercept calls?

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