Monday, October 17, 2005

Portable/Mobile Phone ala Landline Phone

Here's my follow-up blog to Broandband's offering. The account manager who offers us their services brought a portable phone and a cell phone connected with them. The Basic Phone Service is capable to make/receive a landline calls from Metro Manila (for the meantime they are connected to PLDT, but Bayantel interconnection is under negotiation) and provinces, of course with NDD charge as low as 4.50/min. Cellphone incoming calls are also possible.

Also you can make IDD calls for $0.15/min, and since it uses CDMA (AFAIK, higher level technology than GSM) you can able to text other mobile phone, but for now they still talking to all Telco providers for interconnection, in their package sending SMS within the Broadband Phils. network is free.

Since this services are recently launch last August their signal limitation for their portable phones are limited (as of this writing)in Metro Manila. More cell site to come to provide services in the provinces.

The phone models ZTE WB960 FWT Phone (for Basic Phone Service) and ZTE X100 for Mobile Phone are made in China and distributed by Qualcomm here in the Philippines. I ask them if we can use Nokia with CDMA capability, but they say that they uses CDMA 2000 which is different from Nokia specifications.

For those who want to know their rate refer to the ff:

Basic Phone (Monthly Service Fee) P600 (w VAT) One time charge P1,999
Mobile Phone (Monthly Service Fee) P825 (w VAT) One time charge P2,750

Charges for both phones (w/o VAT):
NDD to Landline - P 4.50/min
NDD to Cell - P 5.85/min
IDD Calls - $ 0.15/min
Dial Up conn for internet - P 0.25/min
Free SMS (within MTI)

Lock-in Period 12 mos
Pre Termination Charges (for both) P 4,000

I check in the internet the phone model and here it is.... or you can visit the ZTE website

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