Friday, October 07, 2005

Google Adsense

At first I am skeptical about this, but even if I don’t have any proof that it is true or not I also try to sign in and put the script in my blog.

Just this day (as in today), I read a blog about his pay check (and actually he shows the actual check in his blog) received from Google. So this is it. One actual person that can attest that Google Adsense really works. Anyway maybe Randy wont mind if I features here his blog entry –> click here to view his entry.


  1. hehehe... i just included googles adsense into mine. very easy, practically a no brainer.

  2. sir ask ko lang may na earn na kyo sa google adsense nyo?

  3. Anonymous8:18 PM

    hi ruby. thanks for visiting my blog. just a tip on google adsense.. your blog must have tremendous traffic. medyo mabilis kumita yung sa akin coz i maintain celebrity websites. you can still get traffic by putting some content that most people are interested with. check out what i did on my blog. :)

    thanks again.

  4. ako pala yung last na nag-post

  5. not yet. considering that it takes 1000 impressions to really have any sort of effect.

    ill keep it on and see how it goes over time though. I only started the blog 2 months ago, and who knows?