Thursday, August 25, 2005

Che-Cheh: Why 7-11 ?

This reminds me of my parttime job in one of the store of 7-11 year 1997 (from May to Dec).

I started when i enrolled my summer (advance) class during college and luckily (me and my barkada apply for the job together - but 3 of use are those who are accepted) hired as a store clerk in Blumentrit-Isagani Branch of 7-11. Im the 2nd parttimer clerk there the company recently open their store for college student who want to work as part time, before they only use to hire store clerk for regular and fulltime staff.

I remember that time when I get my first salary (if i remember it right i think its only P1500+) I buy a dozen of Dunkin Donuts as pasalubong for my Mom. Then every payday i see to it i'll buy something (t-shirt/pants, and also i'd try my hair straightened in a salon) for myself as a reward and also that was the time i feel i can go on my own. I also stop to keep asking for my allowance since i earned enough for my needs, but of course i try to buy something (e.g. grocery) for our family, if ever i have an overtime pay.


  1. Hi there! Just stopping by to read your blog. Very nice.

    Take care!

  2. Hai Rotero,

    You are a good daughter. I love Dunkin Donut a lot.

    btw, where's the photo ?