Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blogging in your MS Word

I’m just trying to blog using MS word after I install the add-on tool bar for blogger. Just want to know and see whats the difference in Picasa and Blogger editor.

There are 4 ways to blog in blogspot.com

1. Via email, just send your blog in an email address provided by blogger (check you settings-> email)
2. Via Picasa, but this is more on picture publishing but can also add some text, my prob is it will create a blog title base on your first sentence.
3. Via Blogger editor, this is possible if you login into blogger, which is very tedious if you are not regularly visiting your blog, because cookies in your browser are expired.
4. Via MS word, just install the Blogger Add-on toolbar for MS Word, and you can publish it in seconds. The only downside of using this is you cant post you blog with pictures, it will give you a message that it cant post pictures just the text part only.

This is the Blogger Toolbar in MS Word

This window will let you choose from your past post and edit it on your MS Word and also publish it right away.

I think there are more ways (to come, lets just wait maybe the bloggers owner will think of some ways) to publish your blog but this is the only way for now we can maintain our blog without visiting first our blog site.

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