Friday, September 16, 2011

Cloud? I'm already in actually

Its been a new term and a new buzz - CLOUD
Although im familiar with this i realize that me and my daughter is already using this "cloud computing" thing!
It started when I told my eldest to create email and I actually advise her (almost 2 yrs ago) to sign up in google. She says WHY google? My answers are the following:
1. Google offers free services that is integrated to many other services.
2. Although im using Analtytics and Gmail (FREE), i also told here that google is buying so many internet sites and company and i know we netizens were loking forward to try it and use it for FREE!!!
3. And i also tell her that Android is the next BIG thing! which is now TRUE...
Then back to my first claim that me and my daugther is already in the cloud! Yeah baby where using it already, since we are both gmail users we had an agreement that we should share files via GoogleDocs because is easier than to email the document (Ex. i went to an internet cafe and access a PDF file in their PC I learned that they dont have PDF reader, its ok with googledocs because you can view in directly in your browser).
This is very conveneint because i could access her shared files anywhere via internet. Those files are actually some of her assignments and projects that she want  me to check first before she print it (or i will print it fr her when i had revisions.) What is lacking in GoogleDoc is seeing the preview of some documents like JPG.
Anyway now im thinking is there is an adroid app for google docs?

And by the way if your interested in cloud storage (FREE) try this ->

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