Monday, February 18, 2008

Bem and Ren at the hospital

Renren suffered diarrhea last week and hospitalized to prevent dehydration because of Gastroenteritis due to viral infection. Actually my sons pedia dont gave him antibiotic just OMX capsule (click here to find out) to neutralize his stomach imflammation.

But the burden of sleeping in the hospital ward was very uncomfortable, even if I sleep late and wake up early in my normal routine, our stay in the hospital during 4 days of confinement was my big problem and i cant cope up during the day to stay awake or to report to the office so this results to 3 1/2 days of leave.

Take a peak: Renren and lola picture.

After four days stay at the hospital we are discharged last Thursday afternoon, but unfortunately Bembem (my eldest) was complaining about her stomach pain and she had fever and very cold. And that midnight we rush her to the same hospital. One intern doctor ask if we are the same patient that was discharged earlier and i said YES that was my youngest son. Oh my! what a day we recently discharged and now we are hoping that Bembems case was not that serious so we can take her at home, we dont want another night stay in that hospital. Its very tiring and toxic. I could feel i will be the next to be sick after this.

Anyway the result of her urine test indicate that she had an infection (UTI). And we are lucky enough that we could stay out of the hospital and the doctor says she could take her medicice at home. So Friday the next day I still on leave because we need to visit her Pedia (same as my son) and she advised as to take a Urine Culture and Sensitivity Test. This particular laboratory exam will take 2-3 days to have a result and the good news is - no microbes was found (i think because we are starting to take antibiotics then before we submit the second urine sample).

And now Monday, here I am back to my office desk and starting to do my back log last week. But do you know what i realize, during this last week ordeal?
I realize that being a mother even if my job requires my 100% time in the office i can't ignore the fact the I have my children who needs me 24 hours a day while my job need me at least 8 hrs a day only. So I learned that motherhood is also a career and you have to be good at all aspect of it if not your children (or family) will suffer. Hayy!!!!!!!! .... and I'm thinking now whats the use of their father anyway? Hehehehe!!!!! just forget what I say.

Remember this rules:
1. If you want to be in your childrens future you have to be in their present!
2. Love the father of your children.

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