Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nokia 2100 and Dual SIM Holder

My old Nokia 3210 cellphone that we used for eloading needs to retire now, its battery is not functioning anymore and that’s the reason I have to buy a new unit. Today I bought Nokia 2100 reconditioned, even if the saleslady told me its new I consider it second hand because it doesn’t come with original box, accessories and manuals. But what caught my attention was the dual sim card holder to be inserted in my newly acquired 2100. Although I heard of it 3 years ago I decided to try it and by entering #3370# into your cellphone it will switch to another SIM. This is good I thought of myself since my mom are now offering Globe and Smart electronic loads its easy for her to use one cellphone for two telco services.

See my new 2100 and dual sim holder:

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