Monday, August 14, 2006

Corporate Slave

Did you ever ask yourself if you really want to be employed all your life? I mean do you mind if you feel you’re a corporate slave. I don’t want to gripe here, what I want is to be sure of myself what I think and feel about it.

For sure there are so many new things I’d learned after I became an IT Supervisor but sometimes I realized how this position have so many expectation and you definitely feel the pressure. I feel I can’t go on just because I can’t handle some of it. Most of the time my career and family life clash from each other, if I have to work 14-16 hours definitely my family will suffer and my hubby will nag at me why is it where getting late and so on and so on. Can’t he realized I’m doing my job up to Saturday (we don’t have Saturday in the office) and yet after going home I’ll do the laundry or I cooked for him or tend to my daughters need. I’m lucky I have my mother to look for my child what if I don’t have anyone will help me it means I have to choose between my career and my family. For sure I’ll choose my family over my career but it will definitely hurt my personal feelings.

Hayyyyyy………  just venting.

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