Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My 100th Post

At last in almost a year of blogging, I'm already posting my 100th post here. Wow, i finally made it, but unfortunately my goal to have an active blog did not materialize this time, but anyway, maybe i have to be active in posting or blogging interested topics like what i enjoy in work. Like mobile application, open source, my active forum and mailing list and also some teachy how-to's article that might help others. And of course i want to highlights some of my hubby's adventure with his riding buddy.

I think I also have to be active in blog hopping just to find some bloggers that shares the same interest.


  1. Hey congrats for posting your 100th post...I guess now it's 101th. hehe

    Hope there will be many more to come. Please blog about your personal life and Philippines. :)

  2. oh hi cheh.....

    tnx for stopping by once in a while... anyway.. as much as i want to blog now a days.. im very BUSY, currently im handling a project, its our company mobile application for our med reps..