Thursday, February 02, 2006

Feed'ing your Blog

For the past few weeks I’m really interested in RSS or Feeds. I actually downloaded Feedreader and now I already try to display feeds from my favorite blog. Click here to view the feeds of Che-cheh. This is possible in PHP, I downloaded a php script from hotscript that will fetched rss feed from any site, the credit is due to, this script could be inserted anywhere in your html or blog.

And that’s what I’m gonna do, maybe next week  I’ll post the link for this wherein all my favorite blogs can be view all in one page, that even without clicking the blog site you can already read their summarize blog entry, cool huh! By the way if your now into programming and you want to achieve the same effect, you have to create an account in Yahoo and customized your, same with

Is this what you call Content Management? Anyway for now I have to design the layout of my consolidated feeds.


  1. I'm still clueless as how to use RSS or Feeds. :)

  2. ok lets start how to read ur (blog) RSS ...

    you can view ur RSS or feed via web or feedreader....

    in wordpress, there is a built in RSS just click "Entries RSS" to be found below ur web page , this will open a page that display the xml source that will "fetch" feeds or blog entry on your web page.... copy the URL and then if you have a feedreader just add this URL as obe of your favorite feed...

    Now one you add ur feed, everytime that you connect to internet it will automatically update any entry that the webpage have posted.

    Another way of viewing a feed if via web, you can sign up to feedburner and add ur weblog URL and it will give you a URL for ur feed. I think you try first feedreader...