Wednesday, December 28, 2005

EDP Junk

Before the year ends, I found out that there are so many junk items we should disposed inside our EDP room. Some are defective monitors both mono and colored that cannot be repaired anymore. And also other computer peripherals like mouse keyboards and power adaptors for defective deskjet/bubblejet printers and scanners, I think we should keep the adaptors we might use it the future.  

We also have here damaged HDD and CD drives also other cables like printer and power cables. Hayyyyy, so many items to be dispose, I have to make an inventory report on this item and declared it as defective and junk.


  1. Good Luck on your inventory report. Is there any shop that collects/buys unwanted peripherals ?

  2. actually there is, i think they will buy the scrap for a small amount

  3. Hi...came across your blogs thru smart parenting group. I'm glad to check this out. I also have some old computer that are beyond repair, can you suggest or advise as to where I could dispose them?
    Thanks. Malou