Friday, October 21, 2005

How to protect ideas came from Google

It came to my mind about this patent/copyright/intellectual property rights thing when one issue arises in a mailing list ( where I am a regular reader. The sentiment is all about  one or our co- smarties line of business, she’s making a Nappy Cakes or Diaper Cakes (or whatever common name it is known in the internet), this idea  is making a cake out of diaper and baby things like bibs, blanket, feeding bottles etc. Then eventually since some people are aware about nappy cakes another smarties who in turn requested to make a nappy cake (they use the exact name since it is common in google, I guess) by her friends. So it seems there will be 2 persons making the same product that called “nappy cakes”.

Assuming that she (the 1st one) got the idea in google and name her business as Nappy Cakes and eventually register it in DTI (Dept of Trade and Industry), this gives her a right to use exclusively the word “Nappy Cakes” in her business dealings.  On the other hand what if there is another person who also got the same idea about the diaper cake in google and make her own stuff, and since nappy cakes are common name in google does this means that she can’t use “nappy cake” or nappy cakes” to make a good start in having a business venture to others here in the Philipinnes  where “Nappy Cakes” are already registered to the fist person?

Some answered this question and for them, as part as trade name is concern “Nappy Cakes” should be exclusively use by the owner or the one who registered it to DTI.

Well so the thing here is if you have the idea registered it! Right?

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