Thursday, October 13, 2005

Broadband Phils. offers Wireless Telephone

There is an offer from Broadband Philippines for a wireless telephone using CDMA technology, which cost around P600 per month unlimited usage within Metro Manila. Its like a landline phone (separate number that u can acquire to the provider) but you can bring it anywhere. But still charge you a fee for long distance call.

So whats the difference in cellular phone provider?, first you could have your own number (like a landline) wherein you can accept a call and use it like a landline phone with call forwarding features and caller ID. And the convenient of having a cellphone.

Maybe next week I will make a blog on this specific product/services offered by Broadband.


  1. you have a link for this news?

    Id like to check it out myself.

  2. actually, may tumawag lang sa akin and they are offering their latest product, and may sched me to evaluate and see the demo on the 20th, nong visit ko yong web site nila wla pa don yong offer nila....

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  4. Yeah, I did a search for it on Google and nothing came up. I'm intrigued baout this one.

  5. Related to their 3G play I guess.