Friday, August 12, 2005

Maternal Fear

Last night when we're ready to go to bed, my daughter told me that her head is aching meaning "nahihilo siya" so I ask her what did she do earlier that day, she said they are playing "ikot-ikutan" (this game is like you are running around with ur friends while holding their hands in circular motion). So I decided to massage her forehead gently, while doing this she told me that sometimes she feels this pain while she's in school. I told her if that happened again tell her teacher about it. I ask her then how many times the pain occur and she said if they play "ikot-ikutan".

Yeah right, kids are kids, they are hyper and active specially when some playmates are roaming around. But it worries me when she told me that she had this headache, and I'm thinking of sleeping late (we arrive home 8pm from office) within the past few months affects my child's health or maybe we have to check her RBC count to know if its in the normal range (AFAIK when u sleep very late you tend to have a low RBC count).

I look at her and kiss her, she kiss me in reply, how sweet this child. Now I realize that I cant afford to be sick or one of my family to be sick. Then she said, "Ma, pls allow me to play with Princess (her playmate, 3 yrs older than her) when I want to ?, "You dont want to play with Mama?", I gently asked.

"I want to play with Princess because she has a brother (sibling), unlike me I dont have any!", this word struck me, yeah I know its about time to have another baby, but for now we cant afford (financially) to have another one although deep inside me I want to be pregnant again.

But for now maybe I'll just spend more time with her and enjoy her company while we are planning to have a baby (maybe next year?). Oh well, hope we have a boy this time.

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  1. I hope she is ok and I hope your wish will come true. ;)