Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cristeta Comerford: New Whitehouse Chef

This is one of the reason why I'm proud to be a Filipino, because Filipino are not only for the Philippines, the world need us also. Our OFW/OCW like nurses, care giver, skilled worker, DH, engineers etc., our living heroes.

And this is history Ms. Comerford (naturatized citizen in US) is the first (ever) female executive chef in Whitehouse, imagine a Filipina working as a chef in one of the world's powerful nation serving and preparing meals for its international guest compose of head of different state and diplomats.


  1. Cristeta Comerford is aproduct of Alonso Hall in UP, and she has certainly come full circle with her recent appointment. Filipinos are a talented and passionate people. We are just unfortunate to have such bad leaders and officials.

  2. tnx for posting Dr. Emer

    You knew personally Ms Cristeta?

  3. I knew Cristeta when we were in high school. We studied in Manila Science High School and graduated in 1979. She was my classmate and barkada. She is really bright and she was the only one in our barkada who passed the entrance examination in UP. But I have not seen her since we entered college and have learned later that she went to the US. I am proud of her accomplishments.

  4. hi lou!,
    small world no! akala ko wala man lang mag popost na kakilala ni Cristeta...

    Anyway, pa share naman pic nyo, sana rin mapayagan mo ako ma post pic nyo dito...