Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Attic Cat: Your bestfriend or girlfriend?

Last night episode of Attic Cat was emotionally affects me, as if I the one who suffers rejection from Kevins (he was drunk that time) request to Noreeen. He request to her to talk to Denise, her girlfriend, to convince her that he and Noreen are not lovers, just friends. Kevin knew that Noreen loves her very much thats why she dont want Kevin to leave the house (in a roof top) they are sharing, she meet Denise and told that she dont have any special relationship with Kevin. That they share the house because Noreen has a loan to Kevin and for the meantime he stays with her. Denise ask straight to Noreen if there is something happen between them (PMS, pre marital sex, its obvoius a man and woman in the same house?) but Noreen deny that (but the truth is they do that once).

Then Kevin meet Denise and he learned from her that Noreen talk to her and assure her that they dont have any relationship. Then he realize what a fool Noreen was, but also bothered what he had done by asking her that kind of favor, since he knew that she loves him.

Ooh.., well its very depressing, its true that no one is a genius when your in love.

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