Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Which do you prefer? Leave your child with Yaya or to our In-laws?

Ive got this question in our smartparenting mailing list. For me I'd rather let my inlaws take care of my kids rather than leave them with other people who you do not know very well. As for my child, we still live with my parents and since my child is the first granddaughter my mother voluntarily takes care of her, since birth and up to now she still the one who make preparation when my Bembem is going to school. At first this arrangement is in favor of us, both me and hubby is working so we decided that we will shoulder monthly billings like water, telephone and the other electric meter named under me. So all in all, we still participate in the household expenses.

But lately we realize that we have to live on our own so for now we are planning to construct a small house beside my parents. I think in 2 years time we will make it, I am thankful that we only had 1 child to support and this make us to save for the future, oh i mean to provide her.

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