Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My RCT Session and Tote Bag for Bembem

I was on my dentist clinic to have my 4th session of RCT, then after 1 month she will fill it permanently. But the bad news is I still have to have another visit for laser treatment for my other tooth to prevent much damage to my teeth. Anyway since root canal therapy is much costly maybe I'll visit her after couple months time, I have to pay first my card since i already used it for my RCT and for my daughters.

And also my hubby texted me and he remind me to buy our little angel a lady like bag for kids, its not a backpack type of bag so I assumed that it is like my tote bag. Well I ask my daughter why she is asking for that bag, well she said that her classmate had already a bag like what she's describing to me. Altought I dont want my daughter to be like other kids requesting and asking to buy them something that their classmates/friends are having, I cant help it but to give what she wants (yeah, it should be what they needed) just to be "in" or be in the latest fad. Ah!, kids this days are very smart and very observant.

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